Adams Jones Meritas Worldwide in Wichita KansasLocal Yet Worldwide

Adams Jones is a charter member of MERITAS, an established global alliance of independent, full-service law firms. The goal of Meritas is simple: to offer clients with national and international needs access to a network of high-quality law firms throughout the world; firms which are peer reviewed and have a common mission.

To accomplish this goal, Meritas has adopted a new legal services model to provide coordinated service at a national or international level through common technology platforms, an online database of Meritas attorneys searchable by legal skill and industry expertise, and customized institutional provider agreements. Today there are more than 170 Meritas law firms worldwide, in over 60 countries. Our clients know that through this network we are “local everywhere.”

Effective Results for Clients

We have seen the benefits of this international relationship firsthand, for example:

Through this organization, we were able to obtain overnight from our Tokyo affiliate a decade-old Japanese patent application for a client embroiled in patent litigation.

For another client, we were able to find attorneys in five states to modify the client’s real estate lending system to conform with state law.

We used our affiliation to obtain affidavits from Australia, complying with Australian law.

Our affiliation with Meritas provides our clients with quick access to peer-reviewed law firms the world over, and offers specialty services available in larger markets when the need arises.

Quality Standards

Meritas takes seriously the need for dependable quality in all markets where member firms are located. It is not a club which allows anyone interested to join by paying dues. Instead, firms become members through invitation. To maintain membership, they agree to perform under the uniquely comprehensive Meritas Quality Assurance Program, ensuring that clients receive the same high-quality legal work and service from each Meritas firm.